Monday, April 11, 2011

Zundapp Original Parts

Spent a few minutes tonight and removed the old Aluminum Wassel fenders which were on the Zundapp. Fitted the original fenders and temporarily mounted them. The rear was a tough fit. Two bolts don't quite line up so will need to address that later. The larger fenders really bring the bike back to its' original look.
Had a reproduction Hella tail light so bolted it into place. The rear section of the back fenders is removable to help for rear tire removal.
The front lower fender brace, also referred to as the fender stand, is too short and does not fit properly. I contacted the supplier who I purchased it from to see if a longer one is available.
I hope to roll the bike out this weekend and give it a serious de-greasing at a car wash if the weather permits.

I also installed the front center shock absorber. It is internally shot so will need replacement if I decide to continue with a restoration. A new one is $300.00.

I have a contact with a fellow in San Diego who restores Zundapps. I'll send him a lot of photos and see what kind of a quote he may come up with. I'm relatively sure it will be a very high dollar quote.

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