Thursday, March 31, 2011

1953 Zundapp KS 601 Sport Comes Home

We finally made it up to MT. from AZ. Stopped today to pick up the Zundapp. Below is where the bike has sat for 22 years. I was told it was a 1954 model but in fact it is a 1953 model. She rolled out easily and we transported it over to the truck stop where the enclosed trailer was parked. She is pretty rough but nearly all parts are there. Included was a set of original fenders, a tool box, and carb intake tubes.
I took a look at the factory data plate and saw that it is actually a 1953 model.

The data plate also states "H COM ENGINE", which likey means that it is the high compression engine of the Sport model.

I checked all the serial numbers on the bike and all match. The data plate, frame, engine block, cylinders all read the same which is a good thing.

I'll remove the aftermarket fenders and install the original fenders when time allows. The old fenders will likely become EBay fodder. I also have a sppedometer, front shock, and a repro. Hella tail light which will be mounted. The metal on the bike all looks pretty good. There is one small dent in the fuel tank unfortunately, and the headlight ring is pretty beat up. All the alloy parts look real good.
A lot of intense cleaning will need to be performed.

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