Saturday, April 16, 2011

Zundapp Bath Day

I finally had a little time and a sunny day to perform a little clean up on the old girl. Sprayed things down with a large can of Gunk de greasing foam and let her soak a while, then to the nearest car wash. Removed about 20 years worth of grease and grime, only about 12 more years left to remove. The alloy heads and rocker covers have a few scars but nothing too bad.

I nearly wrecked my right shoulder trying to get the thing on the center stand. I rigged a sidecar stand I had to hold the bike up.

Found out tonight that the center stand does not have to be fully deployed as there is a ratchet device which locks the center stand at a stable, lower level. I saw another piece hanging next to the center stand but did not know what it was....I'll have to take a look at it and see what's going on there.

The seat is very crispy and obviously has no hope.

I bolted on the reproduction Hella tail light I found for $40.00. Same tail light my sidecar uses.

Nice to see the bike with her proper fenders and attire in place.

8k miles?....I wish.....I think this may be an older KS600 speedometer. The KS601 may have ran up to 120mph.(?)

The fuel tank interior appears to be nice and clean. To my surprise the original Zundapp Wire screen fuel strainer is still in place. The strainer removes easily and simply lifts out.

The fuel taps look to be in very good condition and turn as they should.

The bike has very thick alloy headlight ears which are raw alloy. Most all photos I've seen of Zundapps show the ears painted. The center mounted front shock absorber is seen here too. It mounts to the upper triple tree and to the top of the front fender.

Also has a big alloy friction damper knob. The hole seen to the right is the location for the fork lock. Unfortunately it is missing.

The little Bing carbs have remote fuel bowls. The rubber top covers are still in place but about rotten.

The engine cleaned up fairly well. I'll have to translate the little red tag....not sure what it says....

Air filter is located in the rear top of engine. The tool box sits directly above it. The drive line enclosures are all in place but the rubber looks pretty poor.

The front hub is in real nice condition. The large lower nuts can be turned and lowered which releases the axle for tire / wheel removal. The front and rear wheels are interchangeable.

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