Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Early Zundapp motorcycles

Here's a few Zundapp photos. I'm still in a learning curve about the different models so some might be identified incorrectly.

A Low level view of the Zundapp KS 601 Engine,

This little Zundapp below is a DB202 200cc Two-stroke motorcycle. This recently sold on EBay for around two thousand dollars. Pretty good price for a complete non running bike.

This is a 30's (?) model Zundapp single. The early models utilized a hand shift transmission.

This Zundapp twin is a KS600 I think. The engine is very similar to the KS 601. This model also utilized a hand shift transmission. These were a "hard tail" rear frame with no suspension. The front is a sprung girder type suspension. Likely a pretty rough ride. But it sure is beautiful.

This is a Zundapp KS800 model I believe. It was a 4 cylinder boxer engine. These are pretty rare and sought after. They demand very high prices. The German Military used a lot of these during WW2.

A forlorn old KS-600. "Barn Fresh"....and a wet barn at that.

A WW2 Era Zundapp hulk. Hopefully someone with vision ( and a lot of money) will restore it.

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