Friday, May 17, 2019

ww2 466th. BG photos

Crew #467 (previously #543) - John Garrison Crew - 784th Bomb Squadron (previously 785th BS)
Standing Left to Right:
  Unknown Person
                                       Herbert Cheskin - Navigator
                                       Bob Wagner - Bombardier
                                       Unknown Person
                                       Farris Groben - Co-Pilot
                                       John Garrison - Pilot
Kneeling Left to Right:  Frank J. Messman - Waist Gunner
                                      Wayne E. Ahern - Tail Gunner
                                      William E. Hughes - Radio Operator
                                       Tom Kelly - Waist Gunner
                                       Jack Rawlerson - Gunner
                                       Paul Kelch - Engineer
This crew completed their 35 missions flying with the 785th BS, and later with the 784th BS as a lead crew.